Monday, February 18, 2013

Reflection in the Shadows

Since my bi-lateral knee replacement six days ago, nightime has been the hardest time to find comfort & rest right now. The Coumadin is causing my legs to turn black & blue and also gives me sharp needly pains in the back of my leg. Never having been a back sleeper has accentuated the long shadows of the night right now. At the mercy of my nighttime caretaker to prop pillows and fill my cup with water, I must rest in the reality that I am not a burden to them and then accept the blessing of their presence.

In these shadows of brokenness and pain, I have found God's grace and promises have not moved nor have they been diminished. He reminds me to breath deeply of Him, to allow time and His mastery design of my body to do its work. In the night when the physical therapy and visitations from friends and family are over, He tells me to rest. Completely rest in Him. And this time there is nothing to distract me. I am giving in to some of the best solace I've ever had.

Asking for blessed sleep, He gives it. Asking for decreaesed swelling in the legs & knee area, He does that. Asking Him to remind me to breath in His fragrance of mercy & healing, the shadows somehow shorten.

In a place I have never been, a physically painful place; I ask Him to show me His treasures in the shadows.

Tonite I am seeing the beautiful hues of hope & peace in these shadows.

Where else would I want to be?