Monday, August 26, 2013

My "Chapter Twelve" Baby Becomes a MRS

Stef and her daddy eating chocolate which is their favorite food of all time!

Stefanie Leigh, our middle daughter and the one who looks most like her daddy, changed her name a few days ago.
In a whirlwind of dress shopping, finding the right venue, fun wedding projects and just daydreaming about Stef's vision for HER day, it was pure delight to spend that time with her!

Of all three of my daughters, Stef has always been the one who enjoyed "dress up" and playing princess. 
On August 17, she was a real princess. From head to toe.

Stunning in her wedding gown and one-of-a-kind vintage-inspired headpiece, she was beauty, grace, and contentment...
even in the midst of the rain that fell all day long and changed many of our plans for the ceremony and such. 

Tomorrow I will share her birth story from my missionary memoirs called In This Place

Today, just enjoy the pics and allow this momma a moment.

Stef and her new husband Jason met more than four years ago. I remember well the first time Stef brought Jason to meet us. Somehow I just knew
There's a lot of history in those ensuing years; so much that God showed both Stef and Jason about themselves and each other. 

When they said their wedding vows under a white tent amidst twinkling lights, shabby chic decor, and more than 250 guests, they were aware perhaps more than some other couples what those vows meant and will mean in the future.

Congrats, Stefanie and Jason LaPoint!!