Wednesday, June 1, 2011


As I was parking today on a busy Charlotte street, I happened to notice the sign in front of my car.

It seemed clear. NO PARKING beyond the sign. But then there was the bottom writing on the sign that appeared to cave to human nature. If towed call 704-XXX-XXXX.

Why? I submit three reasons, though I know there are more. Would love for you to share why you have "crossed the line" right in front of a clearly marked boundary. Why you touched the newly painted door. Why you touched the items in a display that were not supposed to be touched. Why you parked where it clearly said not to park.

1. Deep down (if we are truly honest with ourselves), we feel that it doesn't apply to us. That our schedule is more important and that our life is much more hectic than others. We deserve the special treatment. We need a break. Then when we pay the penalty of "crossing the line" - we lament how all of life is against us. That we can't seem to get a break. Really?

2. We may think that the clearly marked sign has a time frame. If we are going to "just run in for a second" surely it is okay to park there...for a second. Temporary or us means that we can break the rules. And when we get caught, our innate response is, "But I was only in their for a minute!"

3. We just don't care. Our day may have been crummy and unbelievably hard. We haven't eaten correctly, are exhausted, and have long forgotten the one that lives within us and His power to help us live above the "fray". We forget to remember Scripture or embrace Truth from God's Word. Or even just send up a quick prayer for His Spirit to empower us. When we are truly overwhelmed, it does seem easier to break the rules and say "I just don't care." (Personally, I believe that 98% of the time anyone says they "don't care" - they really do care. But that's for another blog)

So, what about you? What kind of situation or way of thinking edges you toward the forbidden?