Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Chinese History Lesson

R- is from China. Forgive me if my information about her is sketchy, but that is to protect her identity. I met her three weeks ago at a literature table where she walked up and started looking at the Bibles. When I asked her if she wanted a Bible, she replied that she already had one. Someone had given her one when she and her husband was going to school in another state. She wondered if I knew anyone that could help her study this Bible.

That was three weeks ago. We have met once a week since then at the school. At our last meeting we only got through Genesis 4. After quite a length discussion about "sin", "sacrifice", why God was not pleased with Cain's offering, and an explanation of the "depravity of man", she was intrigued by the verses that talked about Cain's descendants. There were the musical instrument makers, the nomads who looked after livestock, and the ones that made instruments and items from bronze and iron.

She then told me about the nomads that have always lived in the northern part of her country and into Mongolian. They, too, live in tents and tend livestock. She drew me a map of China and went into interesting detail about the different dynasties that ruled China in the past. I always remember being fascinating by Chinese history, but hearing it from someone who lives there and truly understands was phenomenal!

We ended our session after realizing that we had actually been studying and talking for 1 1/2 hours! It was good and I'm already looking forward to tomorrow.

And R- is just one of the thousands of students in need of the Word of God and its saving power!!