Thursday, September 21, 2006

Born Into a Christian Home

We met HC the second day of school this year. He was a transfer student and was just wandering around the middle of campus by himself. A very tall black man, CH loves basketball and his family, and really wants to make a difference in his life. He started attending our Wednesday night Bible studies from the very first week and has not missed one yet. Despite the fact that he was actually good enough to walk onto the practice court of the basketball team--and make the team, he comes to the Bible study straight from practice every week.

Last week Jeff found out that HC was banking on the laurels of his parents' Christianity. He told Jeff that he had been born in a Christian home and had just always been a Christian. Today Jeff and HC are meeting about this. We are studying the book of Hebrews this fall, and you can't study this book without quickly seeing that Jesus is better than.............anything else in this world! There is not substitute for him. I believe HC is getting a glimpse of this reality, and we are praying that today might be the day that he accepts Christ's salvation freely and personally for himself.

This year we felt compelled to put a table right out in the middle of the campus the first two weeks of school. We believed that there were students God had ordained we meet....HC is one of them. It happens everyday around here. It's good stuff and for God's glory.