Friday, September 22, 2006

Born Into the Christian Family

HC did it! He accepted Christ! Jeff met with him yesterday with the intention of going through some scripture with him and explaining personal salvation more in depth. Guess what? HC had already done it -- just he and the Holy Spirit! Amazing that God doesn't need us to do His saving work, isn't it?

A week ago, Jeff spoke on Hebrews 3. After the Bible study, he had a pretty extensive conversation with HC. That is when Jeff found out that HC was not a Christian, but thought he was. Jeff challenged him with some scripture and gave him some things to think about. Well, HC did think about it. A few days ago, he bowed his knee to Christ after reading Romans 10.

Amazing that the Word of God really is powerful just as it says in Hebrews 4, huh?

Rejoice with us! We are so excited about HC coming into the family of God, and look forward to watching him grow in God's grace and wisdom. Pray, too, that HC being on the college basketball team will become his first mission field. :)

Look at what God is doing! Amazing!