Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why We Do the Things We Do

Yesterday was the first day of classes. We knew how crazy parking, traffic, and lines would be. Jeff only went over to check on our new parking pass for this year -- it's about $200 per year for us to pay for the privilege to park on campus. (That is cheaper than what the students pay)

While he was checking on the parking pass situation, I rode over to one of the dorms to help one of our student officers move her stuff back in her room. It was great to see her! Jeff came over and with the help of his hand truck, we got all of her stuff in just two trips.

After we got home, there was website maintenance to do (don't even ask me how many hours I have spent on this site!), flyers to copy and cut, and emails to write. The first couple of weeks of school are absolutely crazy. But it is also the time when students are feeling vulnerable (not knowing many people) and needing to belong somewhere and it's an important time to establish our presence and our commitment to be there for them no matter what.

So, today we spent five hours on campus, part of that was spent sitting in the southern humidity in the middle of campus at a table. Most of the new students we met were either freshmen or transfer students and were feeling really unsure of themselves.

We gave out flyers and some other literature, talked, encouraged, and smiled. So for Damien, Brittany, Velma, and all the others --- you are why we do what we do.

Tomorrow we have a 14 hour day planned. Campus minister breakfast, Student Organization Showcase (SOS) from 11- 2 p.m., come home - Jeff to study for the Bible study, me to cook the food we will serve before the Bible study -- then the Bible study starts @ 7 p.m.

We are praying for seekers!