Thursday, August 10, 2006

Puttin' It In Gear

Last night we met with five of our Liaison Committee members who, like us, have a burden and passion for campus ministry. The agenda was extensive and challenging, but with seven "heads" the ideas flowed, and I found myself getting very excited about what this new school year will bring.

We determined basically two things: 1) we need to have a dominant presence around the bookstore area and some of the "high traffic" areas during the first two weeks of school. Each day Jeff and I plus our officers will take turns manning literature tables with our banners, Bibles, cold water bottles (with CBF labels attached), and flyers about our scheduled Bible studies. It is vital to get your name out early on campus. While January is usually the "new resolution" time, we have found that with college students, a fresh semester brings the opportunity to change, to try something new, to find out more about those nagging questions inside of them.... 2) we will expand our horizons and add some extracurricular opportunities to the agenda for this year. A CPR class (hopefully funded by some Christian businessmen who believe in our ministry) offered at least twice a semester and also a possible "Basic Car Maintenance" class for girls with our own mechanic who is on our committee. It is our hope that by offering these other classes that we will attract those who normally would not just walk into our Bible studies.

It is times like last night when I write down and am mindful of all the people that God has placed in our lives to help in the various parts of a campus ministry. We have a family who opens their lake home (complete with jet skis, boats, and other water sports, plus a volleyball net and providing most of the food) for us at the end of August for CBF Lake Day. It has fast become a tradition worth keeping.

There are numerous ladies that I can call on for food and other provisions. The Lord has given me a young lady this year who will actually come alongside me and help with the nurturing and counseling of the female students. It was becoming almost more than I could handle by myself.

There is one committee member who has a little toddler and is pregnant with her second, but she so desires to continue to be a part of our ministry. It seems I can always find things for her to help me with. Joy crunches numbers, keeps the minutes of the meetings, helps with spreadsheets and will be making the small, sticky labels we will add to the many water bottles we will be giving away.

Now comes the accumulation of the provisions we will need to start this semester off. Cups, plates, napkins, plasticware, plastic tablecloths, bottled waters, juices, canned drinks, garbage bags, etc.... God always provides those needs in great ways.

You know, I just love watching Him take care of His ministries! And glad I can be a part of it!

Website maintenance and updating is calling......gotta put it in gear!