Tuesday, August 8, 2006

25 Years Later

Allow me a nostalgic, sentimental moment on this blog today, please. While the ministry has just stripped off into overdrive and there is much to document, today has its special significance in a very personal way.

Today Jeff and I have been married 25 years. At times it seems longer than that and at other times, I can't imagine where the years went. In today's society, I know that 25 years is something to celebrate, not just for the fact that it's the Silver Anniversary, but because the divorce rate statistics tell us that over half of marriages now never make it to this wonderful summit.

Jeff and I have held on to each other through some incredibly confusing and difficult times in our ministry. A ministry such as ours, with its uncertain outcomes and traumatic insets, can take a toil on any kind of marriage. Admittedly, we have had our times where we felt the very foundation of our union unraveling, but never because of lack of love or commitment. The pressures of life, uncertainties, losses, and extreme ministry in extremely difficult places and situations, can take its toll.

Today, I look at this man that I married and my heart flutters and flips like a new bride. He has taken me full circle, and I firmly believe we'll never look back. Will there still be lulls in our marriage and times of tension - no doubt. But I do not believe I will ever doubt again that this marriage was definitely made in heaven - to borrow a familiar phrase! And with that certainty comes a new summit of commitment to him, to our ministry, and to life in general.

Oh, I am blessed of women! Celebrate with us today!