Monday, June 26, 2006

Bringing in the Seekers

Out of the blue, quietly and unobtrusively, one of our single teachers walked in with him at our Sunday night college/career service which we call "ONE80". He lives in her apartment building, and she realized he was seeking something. He is a seeker of the Truth. In the past seven days, he has attended two ONE80s and also the Thursday night Bible study in our home. Last night he told Jeff that he needed to talk. He had some questions and felt like he had found someone that he could trust to answer them honestly.

There is no way that we can know who the real seekers are. Not all of those around us. But if we are sensitive, caring, patient, and open to our neighbors, we would find those who really desire to know the Truth. Oftentimes, it is fear that keeps us from opening up and talking to our neighbors. We feel that we would not know what to say to them, that we would not have the answers. As did our teacher-friend, you can bring your neighbors to someone who may have more experience in the diverse beliefs and doctrines that float around our world today. Jeff and I are so thankful when people give us names or introduce us to those who are looking for Truth. God has given us the venue, right here in America, to open our homes and hearts to those who come from around the world to study or work in this "free" country of ours.

R- hails from India. He has friends who, too, are really willing to study and find out if Hinduism is really the Truth -- or is it something else? He told Jeff last night that he and some of his friends have been very interested in the DaVinci Code, and that it was great timing that we were studying that in our Thursday night Bible study. While I do not intend in making a big deal about the antics and falsifications that Dan Brown flares in his book; however, I have said before that it is a great opportunity to teach students to really know what they believe and be able to recognize truth from lies.

It remains our prayer - everyday. "God, bring us seekers of your Truth, and strengthen us to be faithful and available to always present your Truth in love, using hospitality and openness." This is a dying breed in this country of ours, unfortunately. Oh, what blessings we could be to others around us if we would crawl out of our caves!