Friday, June 16, 2006

From West to East

This is the first summer that we've opened our home for weekly Bible studies for college students all over the city. It has been an interesting conglomeration of students (and some not students) who have pushed opened our door, grabbed a plate, filled it up with food, chatted around the tables, and interacted with the casual, but profound Bible study. Often, there are those who will stay around for a couple more hours, just to linger in the "homey" atmosphere and connect with others.

Last night we had three new attendees. One was B- hailing all the way from Los Angeles, California. He has recently arrived, just in time to start summer school. Our mission statement on the religious organization website on the university's website really appealed to him. He liked how we used "family" and "belonging", because those were two of the things he was really missing by being so far away from home. He fit in with our group like a hand in glove. We hope he felt a part of our family.

Some of these students are inviting others that they have met at work or in classes or roommates or other places. As in any activity we plan in this very unique ministry, we are praying that God will bring to us those who need Him and His family the most right now.

So, we have B- who has come from West to East, and others who have come from farther away and some who live a stones throw away. No matter, they are seekers of the Truth. And we have asked God to bring us as many of those kind that He sees fit!