Thursday, June 8, 2006

Little by Little

Next week (my birthday week, btw) I have two lunches scheduled with students that have put the spiritual brakes on every single time I talk with them. One is a professing, albeit, reluctant young woman of an alternative lifestyle. Her mother died when she was very young and ever since that time, she has struggled to find love, acceptance, and affection from the female gender. This happens in many girls' lives that either lose their mothers or never really had their mother's acceptance and love. And in today's society, the alternative is there for the taking.

S- has agreed to meet me for lunch next week. This will be our second lunch together. I have enjoyed getting to know her as a person - and that really is my intention - to get to know the real person under the facade of this other one. The Holy Spirit will simply have to do what I cannot do nor will be allowed to say to her. But He doesn't need me anyway. I just am willing to be a part of the process as much as possible!

C- is another student who has decided early on that she is agnostic, if not atheistic. That right there tells me that she really doesn't believe that. C's hangup is that she doesn't want to acknowledge nor relinguish control of her life to a greater being. So, in saying that He doesn't exist or doesn't care about her, she feels safe. Hm..... It has been several months since I have seen her and I really do not have any expectations. We will catch up on what's been going on in school and personally - she'll throw out the frequent expletive and talk of her partying, sleeping with her boyfriend, and in no way consider that those things are consuming her more and more. It is the life she has chosen. Once again, the Holy Spirit will need to work in an incredible way in this time we have together! (And He can -oh, He sure can!) I just want to be there to see it!

Tonight is our second Thursday night summer Bible study. We're grilling some hamburgers and hotdogs and I'm baking some brownies. And all day I'll be praying that we have several students come who are really seeking the Truth - and that this home of ours will always be a place they can find it!

Little by Little we desire to reach college students for the glory of Jesus Christ! Through Truth, through food, through being there!