Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Update on "Normal" Stuff

Last Thursday night was a fantastic night! Having put out the call with all the emails we had -- btw, email is the best way to reach most college students because either they won't answer their cell phones, some are on limited plan and are very stingy about who they push the "talk" button for -- so, we used our email base. 14 students showed up, hungry for food, Bible study, and just some good fellowship time. Jeff started a study in I Peter; it was quite interactive and interesting. He finished up right at 9:00 p.m. and told the students they could stay or go - whatever they felt like doing. No one started leaving until 10:30. It was amazing.

This coming Thursday night we're supposed to have several new students from around the city (most not Christians) that have been invited in various ways. This is shaping up to be some good stuff!

Yesterday morning was a very hard counseling session with the student I mentioned in my last blog. This was the fourth session with her and it was, by far, the most difficult yet. She walked in the front door, dark, defensive, and daring. It was, by default, a session that was going to drill down near some very sensitive nerves, and I did, but she really bucked me the whole way. At the end of the 1:50 min. session, the only thing I could get out of her was that she was going to stick with me - no matter what. I reminded her that I had warned her of these kind of days - and that made her smile (a little) - but it was still a draining time for her and me both. This tells me that the Holy Spirit is doing His perfect work, but her flesh is fighting against the healing rains that promise to come to her.

Yesterday I also cleaned my youngest daughter's room real well (she has gone as a counselor at a camp in the mountains for 7 weeks) because another college student who is between apartments needs a place to stay for 12 days. So.....another part of my "normal" day is opening my home on a more long term basis. It's all in the calling!

Website design for our website is frustrating me and I so wish I had someone that would take that for a ministry. While I enjoy the designing and all, I do not understand the basics and such enough to do any good. We really need to get that website up and running!
Also, in the design bucket, are several brochures and flyers for our literature table this summer and in the fall. I have a friend that does help me very much with this.

So, today I spend an hour or so on email correspondence with several students (trying to line up some lunch times with unsaved students who are in the city), write on my book for a couple of hours, prepare for a volleyball time after church tonight with students, etc......

What's your "normal" day like?