Monday, April 24, 2006

Make Us ONE

This past weekend fifteen of us went to Hillsville, Virginia, for our second annual CBF retreat. Other than the venue and the meals, the officers did all the other planning. Those five did an incredible job of organizing, planning, and bringing together a retreat worth remembering. Thirteen students from all over the place, from all different backgrounds, churches, and social orders came together and acted as ONE. The way I think Jesus Christ was talking about in the book of John. The way I think it should be seen more often in our churches. Everyone was considerate of the others; cared for the others; listened to the others; played and laughed with the others; prayed with the others; worshipped with the others; bonded with the others. There was not one single person that had the preeminence in this group of students.

These five officers have worked well together all year. Three of them are staying on to serve again next year; two are moving on to other things God has for them. Each of them special and unique in his own way. Each of them bringing an incredible personal essence to the group.

Last Thursday night during our group Bible study, two of the regular students brought unsaved friends which they had met in some of their classes. Even at the end of the semester and final exams are looming omniously over their heads, they are still reaching out, concerned about the eternal destiny of those around them.

Campus ministry is one of the most inspiring and amazing ministries I have ever experienced!

Why not look and see if there is a campus near you....get involved......give students a chance to know the Truth and help them to proclaim the Truth to others!