Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bible Giveaway - Day 1

This past Tuesday four of our students gave out 180 Bibles at a table in the center of the campus. While Jeff and I were there, it was more for support and backup in case they ran into students that threw difficult questions to them. I had made bookmarks to insert into the Bibles giving a little more information about who we were, how to contact us, and informing them of our Bible studies.

Ironically, we chose the same day as "National Holocaust Remembrance Day" and found ourselves at the "Tower" with Hillel, the Jewish student organization on campus. Every one of the guys there were friendly and talkative. We talked about the holocaust, our thoughts on it, and established some good friendships. Our student president had an extensive conversation with one of the guys. B-, the Hillel student president, came and sat down beside me and we had a nice chat. He desires to be a rabbi after he graduates from college. He has great passion for what he believes, but seemed drawn to what we were doing. God gave us an open door to this group and we are looking forward to what God will allow us to do with this open door in the future!

On the flip side, there were some very interesting comments or retorts by students as our officers asked them, "Would you like a Bible today?"

"Is it free?"

"I have plenty at home."

"Give it to someone else who really needs it." (Hmmm....)

"I worship Satan. I do not read the Bible." (Wherein Jeff replies, "You know, that's too bad since your religion is written about in this wonderful book. Are you sure you don't want to take one?") "I worship Satan and am not interested in your book." My thoughts: will that question, 'Are you sure you don't want to take a Bible today' ring in this young man's ears one day?

"How can you be so insensitive to give out New Testaments on National Holocaust Day?"
(but please note that this female student who looked far from Jewish was not involved in helping out these Hillel guys nor did she stop to remember by looking at the pictures.)

"Thanks, I've never really understood this book. You guys have studies about how to understand it all?" (Oh, do we ever!!!)

This was just a few of the comments that were given during that two hour period of time. This university is so in need of those who will stand up and speak out the Truth! We're so proud of our student officers who cared enough to take the time to reach out and offer the Truth to their fellow students.

This afternoon is another two-hour opportunity for giving out more Bibles around the bookstore area. We are praying for those who will take these Bibles.....that they will come to understand that what they hold in their hands can set them free!!