Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Bible Giveaway & Bible Study

Day 2 for the Bible giveaway was done by only two students at a very busy area of campus. Because of scheduling and table setup problems, it was not as relaxed a scenario as the first day. However, over the course of two day, close to 375 Bibles were handed out to college students by college students.

One of our students. A-. had the opportunity to give three of our men's basketball players each a Bible, even though one of them tried to hold back and be cool about it. A- said that the three young men strutted by and she held out the Bibles with a smile. The first one, the really cool one, gestured impatiently to her and walked on passed. However, one of the other two hesitated, walked passed, and then came back. He sheepishly thanked fher for it, and walked away. The third player saw his friend take one, so he came back and got one out of A- hands. Soon all three of the players had met up with another group of guys and now there were seven guys standing around talking. The interesting thing is that only one of them (the cool one) did not have a Bible in his hands! A- saw this and quickly carried one to the Bible-less player. What a lesson learned from that! Peer pressure does work -- both ways!

Later that evening we had our last Bible study of this semester. It was bitter-sweet for us all. Jeff taught a very compelling study and then we had a time of testimony and prayer. It was sweet-sweet-sweet. Remind me to tell you about S- She came to us about 1 1/2 years ago as a quiet, shy young lady. God has done some amazing things in her life....and for the first time in public, she shared them with us!

Also, Mary's friend R- came back. Remind me to tell you the story about how R- got her Bible!

Jeff called from Brazil today. He is there on a missions trip with our home church. They are helping to get a church building started in the massive city of Sao Paulo. Yesterday Jeff got to give his testimony to two churches about our two evacuations from our ministries in West Africa. I am certain that he was a blessing to the Christians there.