Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Out of Love

Please refer to "Passing it On" (3/17/06) to get more of the story on this incredible young man whom God will surely use! A little over a year ago, this young man came to the literature table and told Jeff that he thought the Mormon church had lied to him. In a process of a few weeks, Jeff stuck close to him and eventually had him read the book of Romans -- not exactly a book you would send many unbelievers to read at first. However, because of this young man's Mormon background, he was very familar with much of the Bible.

After this young man accepted Christ (after reading Romans 10:9-10 and it really sinking in his soul who Jesus was to him), Jeff has been in discipleship with him for a year now. It has been a slow process - much desensitizing had to be done. There are so many half-truths in Mormonism, that they have had to walk carefully and strategically to make sure this young man truly understand exactly what God was saying in His Word. But this young man has been faithful, has endured the Truth, and has embraced the Scriptures in a fresh and refreshing way! Just yesterday Jeff was on the teaching of giving and tithes.

This young man, after listening to Jeff explain the biblical philosophy of tithing and giving and why it should be an important part of our lives, asked one simple, but profound question: "So, do we have to give out of duty or can't it just be simply giving out of love for God and His work?"

BINGO! This young man has already, in one year, gleaned and embraced a concept that many more mature Christians today will seemingly never understand! Out of love we should serve God. Out of love we should give to Him. Out of love is why we pour ourselves into these young people's lives!! Because it was out of love that God sent His Son to redeem us unto eternal life!

It is incredible to think of what God will do with this young man who has turned so completely toward His face and desires nothing more than to LOVE HIM!!