Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Private Pain Goes Public

Social media is opening doors almost quicker than the doors can be built.       
Some of these doors are amazingly helpful and productive and fun.
But there are other doors that - in a perfect world - should never be opened. 

These social dilemmas will only continue. Becoming more and more complicated as social media invades more of our personal space. We need to have a philosophy in our minds that will help us deal with a situation if it "hits close to home."

I am still processing the article below and pondering how I feel about the reaction of the mother (please excuse some of her quoted expressions, but it is part of her raw emotion expressed). Her grief is evident and the anger gripping, but....was she accurate in her assumption that the person who posted the page in memory of her son on Facebook was being hateful?

Read article HERE to understand more about the Facebook dilemma that this family faced after their 4-year old son slipped off a jetty and disappeared.

What do you think? 

Was the person who put up the mysterious Facebook page trying to reach out, be encouraging, be thoughtful or was it a vindictive poke into the heart of this family?