Tuesday, January 31, 2012

God's Love is In Real Time and Other Thoughts

God desires that His purposes for my life be fulfilled - for His magnificent glory.

God is not as concerned about catering to my narrow minded, self-centered thoughts as much as He is about my spiritual growth and effective use in His kingdom.

God is after my joy more than my wavering submission.

God truly wants me to enjoy Him in every way. 

It's all about Him. Not about me.

God is not in love with just some future version of us.

If you think God loves only the future version of you,
and not the YOU today, you are misunderstood. 

Romans 5:8 tells us that He loved us first, before we were cleansed
by the blood of His Son, while we were living out our depravity.

He loves YOU in real time. Now.
Just the way you are. So stop trying so hard.

You won't measure up.

You won't reach perfection. 

Find joy in His ways, His plans. Leave the rest to Him...
because the cross says, I know. I made provision. I can handle that…

May we stop trying to earn a redemption that has already been purchased.

Jesus paid it all.

There is NOTHING we can do.
Jesus gives us His righteousness.

Find rest in that. Right now. In this moment.

(thoughts taken while listening to a message by Matt Chandler)