Monday, November 28, 2011

22 Ethics To Live By According To Romans 12 - Part 2

I do apologize for the long delay in getting Part 2 of the Ethics for Powerful Christian Living to you. (You can find Part 1 right HERE.)

My Thanksgiving break was crammed full of memories spent in the home of my youth with my amazing parents and my daughters and granddaughter. There are not enough of those special times!

A recap of the first eleven...taken from Romans 12:9-12.

1. Love others with your whole heart - no holding back.

2. Be totally turned off by evil. What's your standard?

3. Hold really tight to the good things in your life no matter what it takes.

4. Determine to love and care for those that God puts in your life.

5. Respect others' needs more than your own wants.

6. Renew your spirit daily and purpose to never give up on the things that truly matter.

7. Cultivate fervency in your life by letting God's spirit completely transform you.

8. Invest in others and expand God's kingdom wherever the opportunity arises.

9. Never give up on the Hope that endures through the darkest of times.

10. Know that hard times produce a strength and faith that can be gained no where else.

11. Believe it: prayer matters. It is the lifeblood of a strong Christian life.

Now for the last 11 ethics taken from Romans 12:13-21.

12. When God illuminates a need around you, do not be afraid to step up to the plate. He has already made provision for you to be a part of it.

13. Opening your heart, your life, your home to others may take some practice, but it speaks volumes to those touched by your hospitality. When we open up those most private places to others, it resounds with love: both God's and yours.

14. See everyone through God's eyes, no matter what they may have done to you.

15. Do not be afraid to step into the joys and sufferings of others. It's powerful.

16. By God's grace and mercy, do not see yourself more than you are nor others for less than they are - in God's sight.

17. Remember that the value of another is not yours to measure. God has already done that. John 3:16

18. If we choose to hate our haters, then we become haters also. Rise above the norm. Go beyond what is expected.

19. No matter what you may think, you cannot control the thoughts or actions of another person. You are only responsible for your own.
Do right. Live in peace no matter what the other person chooses.

20. We do not need to waste our energies on getting even with another person. God knows what is best for him and for you.

21. Do the opposite of what your flesh is calling out for you to do when it comes to difficult people. Speak gently. Smile. Be kind.

22. Evil is all-consuming when it breeds in a heart not tempered by God's love. Good is all-consuming to a heart even unwilling to acknowledge it.