Tuesday, November 22, 2011

22 Ethics to Live By: According to Romans 12 (Part 1)

In light of the previous two blog posts, Refining Grace and Gifted Grace, I share 11 of the twenty-two Christian ethics Paul champions at the end of Romans 12. As renewed, transformed children of God, this is where we make it all happen. In the every day living.  

Rubbing shoulders with others. 
Dying to self by honoring others. 
Choosing to go beyond ourselves.

Easy? Not for me and probably not for you. But it is part of God's plan, so...

1. Love others with your whole heart - no holding back.

2. Be totally turned off by evil. What's your standard?

3. Hold really tight to the good things in your life no matter what it takes.

4. Determine to love and care for those that God puts in your life.

5. Respect others' needs more than your own wants.

6. Renew your spirit daily and purpose to never give up on the things that truly matter.

7. Cultivate fervency in your life by letting God's spirit completely transform you.

8. Invest in others and expand God's kingdom wherever the opportunity arises.

9. Never give up on the Hope that endures through the darkest of times.

10. Know that hard times produce a strength and faith that can be gained no where else.

11. Believe it: prayer matters. It is the lifeblood of a strong Christian life.

What's the hardest one for you? Would you rephrase any of them in a different way?