Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Short Step From Defiance to Anarchy

This morning I read an article (link below) about teachers in a school district in Washington State pumping their fist in the face of a judge's ruling to go back into the classroom. It got me thinking. In the title of the article was the word defy, and in my opinion, defiance is on the same path as does abide the concept of anarchy.

Read it here.

 How many steps down the murky road of defiance does a civil people have to take before anarchy consumes them?

Let's take my point into the constitution of the home. Yesterday I saw a disturbing video about a mother who purposefully and willingly encouraged her daughter to "defy" the law (aside from the fact that a parent should never initiate blood-letting in this way for any reason). The article eludes that the little girl had been cyber-bullied and both the mother and daughter had had enough of it. What disturbs me even more is that the mother allowed her daughter to "fight"with a friend of the alleged bully (because the girl they were after did not show up). This has all the signs of much deeper issues. And that the mother herself gets involved in the fight? Enough said.

Watch the video here.

The most disturbing thing about both of these current issues is that mothers and teachers are demonstrating defiance in a society where there are clearly stated rules. No matter the excuses, the reasons, the legal ramifications, the unfairness, the hurt, or even yes, the anger. Parents and teachers are pivotal role models (for better or for worse) for our society. Has that reality lost its punch in light of "getting even" or being right?

So, I ask you? Where is the line between civility and being a doormat? When do our rights become more "right" than the law?