Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eddie's Daughter, April, Shares Her Memories

Eddie had two children, much to the surprise of the medical community. Having had been on strong meds for his kidney disease and rejection meds from kidney transplants, the odds of him and his wife ever having children were slim to none. When Eddie died at the age of 40, he had two children and even three grandchildren. BUT GOD.......

I asked April a couple of days ago if she would share what she remembered about the day her daddy went to heaven. It's a raw, but beautiful account of a young adult daughter (who had never known a completely healthy daddy) who loved her daddy and tried to make sense of it all.

Thank you, April for sharing your heart with us.

I remember every second of that day like it was yesterday. I recall the nurse having to come get mom because daddy's surgery couldn't be started because his heart was out of rhythm. She went by herself into the operating room and talked with him for some time until his heart went back into rhythm. I believe that was God giving them one last moment alone. Daddy so much didn't want to leave her. He said it to me so many times that previous month. 

Prior to that morning I commented on how he was able to have a TV in ICU. He informed me he wouldn't be using it later or being seeing me later. It reminded me about how he told me that me and Robbie was going to need to make up from our fighting because we were going to need each other. He knew his time had come and was preparing us all in his way. Mom said he never said anything like that to her. I believe he didn't know how to tell the love of his life goodbye. 

In the chapel that day I recall telling everyone to stop praying because they were praying wrong. At 21 years old I felt that praying for him to be healed and stay with us wasn't right. I stated we need to pray for God's will but I felt he was already gone. I can't completely explain it. A peace came over me moments before the nurse came in. 

Daddy was so right about me and Robbie needing each other. I curled up in my brothers lap crying while trying to breath as the doctor explained what happened. I thank God for my brother. The blessing from daddy's death is a soul was saved at his funeral. What a treasure to have one's life and death touch someone that way. 

Even at his funeral when I was about to black out, God sent a distraction to snap me out of it. Isn't it wonderful how God looks after us in His way? He blessed daddy with a merciful way home while insuring all of the family was home together to look out for each other.