Monday, July 25, 2011

An Answer To One of My Biggest Prayers

Scanning my Facebook news feed yesterday, I was intrigued by a video link by Carrie Underwood that one of my friends had posted. What I wasn't expecting was the emotions that came rushing down on me when I pushed "play".

Push PLAY here to watch the music video by Carrie Underwood

My youngest daughter Lauren is getting married in December. In the midst of wedding plans and just living this thing called life, my mother's heart has been put on high alert. Things are changing. Already having had experienced the marriage of another daughter, I know that this is quite an understatement.

When my girls were one or two years from graduating from high school, I would start my lamenting process. Some of you may know what that is. This is the last time she will...... But what I have learned is that every last has a corresponding first.

So, in a way, this song cracked open the door I have been pushing to keep shut. My baby girl will change her name in December. And that is how it should be. Wrapped tightly in the Hand of God her Father and in the arms of the young man who will unashamedly tell you that it has always been Lauren, I rejoice. Ben is the answer to this momma's pray for my daughter Lauren.

If you missed Ben & Lauren's story, click here to read how it all happened.

What prayers have you seen God answer lately?