Monday, May 9, 2011

The Love of a Father

What a beautiful story from that tragic day when tornadoes ripped through the southern United States at the end of April. I have waited to see if there was a followup story on the father and daughter camping trip, but understand the privacy needs that the family have at this time. It's endearing to think that a busy police officer would take time out of his schedule to take his 9-year old daughter on a camping trip. Never could he have imagined how it would turn out. That he would have to make a choice that would take his life. Nevertheless, I do not think that he hesitated one moment before shrouding her body with his as the winds picked up and the tornado bore down on the campground.

Simply the GREAT love of a father.

In Choctaw County, Miss., a Louisiana police officer was killed Wednesday morning when a towering sweetgum tree fell onto his tent as he shielded his young daughter with his body, said Kim Korthuis, a supervisor with the National Park Service. The girl wasn't hurt.

The 9-year-old girl was brought to a motorhome about 100 feet away where campsite volunteer Greg Maier was staying with his wife, Maier said. He went back to check on the father and found him dead.

"She wasn't hurt, just scared and soaking wet," Maier said.

Her father, Lt. Wade Sharp, had been with the Covington Police Department for 19 years.

Read the whole story here.

As moving as this story is, the greatest story of a Father's love is that of our Heavenly Father. Even before He created us, He already knew that He would have to redeem us. He Himself designed redemption's plan to include His only Son. How can that be? Not only does He shield us, protect us, guide us, comfort us, save us from harm (and from our own foolish choices at times), but He loved us enough to send His own precious Son to redeem us from our sinful nature. Through His death He saved us and made a way back to the Father for us. Jesus had to die so that we might live. John 3:16,17

I am amazed and in awe all over again as I think of this earthly father giving his life for the life of his daughter. But I am humbled and speechless as I realize that my Heavenly Father did that for me while I knew Him not. While I still chose to live in my sins.