Thursday, October 7, 2010

In The Room

This year our college ministry has been unique....of course, we say that every year because it is true. But this year is just different, intriguing, powerful, explosive. For example, our Bible study last night - in the middle of October - is holding at 30+ students who are showing up. Every drop of food we brought in last night was gone. Every Bible we had setting out on the tables were being used. Prayer time was long and sweet. Jeff's message was powerful and moving. All eyes were on him as he ended Genesis 2 with the statement: Don't declare Independence from God.

There are at least four students standing on the precipice of accepting Christ as their Savior. They have heard the Truth. We have spend extensive one-on-one time with them, answering their questions, showing them exactly what God's Word says. They know what to do. Now we pray for the Holy Spirit to give them the strength to fall into God's arms! Others are making decisions to recommit and follow Christ. It's mind-boggling to realize how deep in sin and bondage some of these students live. But I have been there, too. So I just love them, encourage them, pour Scriptures into their thirsty hearts, take time to hug them, smile at them, listen to them.

It's beautiful...this ministry. And I am so thankful that God allowed me to be in the room last night to experience the majestic moving of His love and power!