Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Diversity of the Body

It has been waaaayyyy too long, but with that said - I wanted to just say that I am amazed at the body of Christ sometimes. Sadly, my home church is mucked down in "self" stuff and not even able to bond together for the cause of Christ on too many levels anymore. We've turned inward and are no longer (as a whole) looking outward - to the harvest Jesus asked us to pick for Him, you know. The personal agendas are way out of control and there are those who I actually feel are pushing for their own agendas so hard, it has hindered their clear assessment of the entire situation. There's words, whisperings, coup d'eglise planned, and many other things that certainly do nothing to glorify our Savior or to bring credibility to His church. Certainly we are a mockery to the community at large and to other churches who are watching us. But still it heart can barely take it sometimes.

But last night, in CBF (our campus Bible study outreach), 18 people gathered after a long Christmas break (the public university system can call it a Winter Break all they want)!!

Among the 18 was a black guy from Queens, NY who loves basketball - a cute, blonde missionary kid from Japan, who loves dogs and all things fun - a young man who was born in Lebanon and loves to play songs by squeezing his hands together and tells quirky jokes - a young lady who has gone the gamut in lifestyle choices and who dresses like a boy most of the time but who truly seeks God - two young ladies who are solid, quiet, and traditional and want to be school teachers - a young black lady who experienced a severely dysfunctional family and has seen God's amazing grace in her life - a young lady who is a senior and who wants to be a philosophy major - a young man who grew up extremely conservative and will one day be a powerhouse in the financial world and whose wallet is opened to God's will - a car mechanic who is quiet, a little insecure, but loves God and loves these college kids so much that he comes back week after week to help us - and I could go on. There is no other place where you would put these 18 people and where they would actually bond together and look forward to getting together again. ONLY IN CHRIST!!

I would like to bring these 18 into my church and let them speak clearly on what it's all about! ONLY IN CHRIST!