Saturday, May 27, 2006

Forward, Summer!

It's finally happening. Heat, humidity, short-sleeves, flip flops, and covers being taken off pools. Summer is peeping around the corner and I'm liking it.

But there's a process to it all. The wind, the rain, the sun all have to work in harmony so that the flowers grow taller, squash plants spread out in the warm soil quicker, and the trees put a thicker canopy over our backyard. We bought a swing for our deck this spring. We've always wanted to be able to sit out on the deck in the early morning or late evening and enjoy the moment.

Summer Bible studies will start this coming Thursday night at our house. We're calling it Forward. We are praying that God is going to bring college students (saved and unsaved) together in a special way this summer. We're wanting to see God work in great ways through our study and fellowship.

Our middle daughter is taking a course at the local community college and has already met several students that she wants to get to know more - for the sake of the Gospel. There are needs everywhere and we want to be willing.

Several times this summer we will be participating in orientation days on campus for in-coming freshmen and transfer students. Whatever the opportunity, we are asking God to let us be faithful and available to students from all walks of life.

We desire for those truly seeking Him to find Him. We want to go FORWARD for Him!