Friday, March 17, 2006

Passing It On

Last night was just a highlight of all highlights in ministry. (And, believe it or not, we could not find the camera to capture the "Kodak" moment in digital color) This whole semester we have been studying other religions in the light of biblical Christianity. Last night the subject was "Mormonism: What They Really Believe"

A year ago, a young man came to the literature table on campus where Jeff was sitting and asked if he could talk with him. Of course Jeff was "all ears" -- and the student said this: "I am Mormon and I think I've been lied to." Profound words from a college student, but so powerful that it was impossible for Jeff to ignore the plea buoying those words. In a process that took a couple of months, Jeff was able to answer many questions, direct this student to passages of Scripture that drew him closer and closer to the truth. Totally out of character, Jeff told this student to read the book of Romans. Romans is a theologically-deep book and not usually one that you tell an unsaved person to read in its entirety. However, this student had so many specific, detailed questions about salvation, sin, and the Godhead, that Jeff felt led to request him to read it. When this student reached chapter 10, the truth drove deep into his soul and demanded from him a response. This student bowed his knees to Jesus Christ, HIS SAVIOR, and began a new life in Christ!

Last night, this very student graced us with his presence and expounded and explained many of the doctrines and beliefs of Mormonism. It was such a blessing to see him sitting at the front of the room with Jeff, referring to things that Jeff had taught him from the Bible, and now that he has owned as his own! What a blessing!! We could have never gotten out of books what we gleaned about Mormonism from his dynamic presentation!

To us, this is what ministry is all about! Duplicating our faith, our beliefs, our passion to live for Christ and making Him known to the nations! That's exactly what happened last night....and we're just still living off the very sweet fragrance of it!