Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Girl Talk Blues

I miss my girls today. Every Wednesday @ noon, I meet with anywhere between 2 and 10 girls in a conference room on campus. This entire year we have been studying the book of Proverbs. Surprisingly and not so surpisingly, we have only made it to chapter 16. There's some good stuff in each verse and it's hard for us to zip through it very fast!

But these girls are determined that we make it to Proverbs 31. Some of them have read it or heard about the chapter (and purposefully stayed away). They are looking to me, their mentor in spiritual things for these three or four years we have together, to enlighten them on what that chapter really is talking about.

It's all about balancing this fast-paced, woman-power, do-everything-like-a-man society with what the Word of God says about a woman's role. Years ago, I was very intimidated by this chapter. But, after living a little life, and actually "working out" some of the verses, I think I'm finally getting it. I especially like the verse where it says that she burns her candle late into the night (never mind it says "at both ends" -- 'cause I'm not a morning person and do not want to talk about that!)

The verse I have learned to love and desire to be true in my life more than other is that my husband would trust completely in my ability to make him look good, take care of our family, but to also take care of other details in our lives. Jeff has allowed me the honor of working this one out -- and for that I'm grateful.

Actually, Proverbs 31 is a chapter of beautiful independence interwoven with the security of dependency -- the way God intended it to be. I'm liking the chapter more and more, and am looking forward to studying it with these young ladies.

We're taking the entire month of April (four Wednesdays) on that one chapter. I'll keep you posted. Pray I will be able to be used as catalyst to help these modern-day women understand and embrace their roles with godly insight!