Monday, December 12, 2005

Progressive Progress

Saturday night, we ended this semester's activities with a progressive dinner for 22 students. Three families in our home church graciously opened their homes to us and our students! Several of our regular students could not come, but, as usual, we always have new students that are not familar with who we are and what we do on campus. There were three unsaved students among us this year, and we were able to have some good conversation while enjoying the good eating. Second semester will hopefully bring us together again with these students who are really searching for the Truth.

A couple of days before the progressive dinner, I opened my kitchen up to some of the college girls who wanted to come and learn to make desserts. We would then use these desserts (by faith, I was believing they would be edible!) for the fourth stop of the progressive dinner. Five girls came over and for four hours my kitchen was buzzing with the scraping of pans, bleeping of timers, cracking of eggs, and hundreds of questions about what they were doing. They had a great time and the apple pies, sweet potato pies, no-bake cookies, chocolate-peanut butter truffles, and Texas sheet cake came out quite edible! All of us enjoyed them on Saturday night when we concluded the progressive dinner here at our home. And the girls were so proud to be able to say that they made the desserts themselves!! Ingredients for the desserts: $55; looks on the faces of these girls when their peers were praising the desserts: PRICELESS!!

This week the students are facing exams and packing for their trips home for the holidays. I do have plans to meet a few of them for coffee (and some heart-to-hearts) in between their exams this week. But now (sigh!) I desperately need to make some progress on my personal holiday planning and shopping!!

Ah! But, I do love my job! These students just get under your heart and stay there!