Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Polishing the Lamps

Today in my girls' Bible study we never made it to Proverbs 10. Today I polished lamps. These five girls that attended are concerned and confused about some of the things that they hear fellow students say in regards to their faith or the lack of faith. Since these girls truly are lights on this campus for Christ, I was compelled and honored to be able to take the "polishing rag" out today and help them find some answers to some tough questions.

One girl (KW) who has just recently joined us about a month ago frequently goes to Caribou Coffee to study. She asked me about how she should answer another girl (also there at the coffee shop studying) who seems extremely confused. Growing up in a pentecostal type of church background, she tells KW that she was raised in a Christian home, but things were always very legalistic. As a results, now that she has gotten out on her own, she has found that the true way to her final destination is through the teachings of the Unitarian church. What a blend of religions, beliefs, and cults that particular denomination harbors -- and how it is easy to see where someone would feel "safe" to "worship" there! After all, it would seem you are not required to believe more than you choose to believe. This disillusioned student told KW that she did not really pray to a deity anymore, but has learned that she finds comfort in praying to herself -- affirming what she believes she can do through the powers that are in herself. KW had never heard anything like this before and was unsure how she was supposed to respond to it. A couple of weeks ago, KW and I concluded that she needed discipleship and we will start that in January. I believe that God is already putting in front of her people and ideals and beliefs to stretch her thinking and cause her to really desire to learn all she can about God and what she herself really believes!

The entire hour was spent talking about cults and false religions, those that teach against tithing and those that teach women should physically cover their hair with something along with other specific issues. We covered many topics and I was so thankful for God's marvelous wisdom that He gave me to be able to take them to Scripture, show them how to apply principles from the Bible to their lives and situations that confront them.

The lamps might be a little dull right now, but they sure are willing to have the polishing rag taken to them!! What a privilege!!