Thursday, December 27, 2012

Total Randomness

On the heels of an American holiday whirlwind and some grueling situations that had to be faced, I am feeling too depleted to be creative. Thankfully I keep a "garden" of interesting articles in my blog cache. 

Perhaps you feel like me today and just need to remain random
You've come to the right place.

Enjoy these articles of inspiration, cultural shifts,and such...

Some of the most infamous Christmas trees in the world.
See them HERE.

Number 2 is a childhood favorite of mine - as I do hail from the Wilmington, NC, area.
Loved, loved driving up and seeing the thousands of lights on that very old tree.
Sad to hear that it is really struggling (but you would too if you were 400+ years!!)

I have so many mixed emotions about this next article; mainly sadness and fear. While I can see that it might help prevent the raging STD problem in Philly, a larger and more emotionally damaging problem will be created. For those students who have chosen abstinence or really desire to stay away from  teenage sex, the pressures will be tremendous! God has been removed from schools and replaced by a condom dispenser!! Read the article HERE.

One of the most heart-warming stories I have read in a long time! How many of the younger generations would dare choose to live like this good doctor? INSPIRING! Read HERE.

How many men do you know that really love vegetables? (And NOT just potatoes!!)
This article is interesting and eye-opening. Read HERE.

And finally, one of the saddest commentaries of where our culture has gone. I kept looking to see Jerry Springer behind the DNA van! It's unfortunate, but negative choices of our culture has brought it to THIS.

Here's to randomness!