Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rewriting the Classics in 50 Shades

On the shadowy coattail of Fifty Shades of Grey rides a dangerous bombardment of erotica. Right into our faces. No more crouching behind other books or placed in another room for private viewing.  It has stepped forward to grab its own piece of sordid glory. Shades is a dark piece of literature, appealing to the depravity of any soul who allows itself to be drawn in. It's not just sexual acts that attribute to the compelling danger of this trilogy. It's more than that. Bondage, sadism, hedonism are intriguing celebratory essence of the book. But yet it was at the top of the bestseller lists for weeks and weeks.  

In case you were fooling yourself into thinking that this movement will slink back into the shadows, the fury and fame has been too compelling for that. Because of that, it is not surprising to find others who want to pounce on top of the success of this book and ride their own course. After all, money is to be made and there are those who care not AT ALL how it is made. They are feeders of the frenzy - if you will.

But, instead of creating their own lewd stories such as published by Harlequin and other off-line publishers, they choose to snatch from the ethereal, fragile beauty of classic literature. 

That's right. Those cultivated and refined, whispery stories from another century. Another time. As we speak, the books we call The Classics are in danger of being rewritten for the sake of the almighty dollar and the incessant master called Lust

It has recently been reported the "Adult" trade books have increased almost 20% since the release of James' Shades of Gray trilogy. E-books have made it easier to read whatever we desire since no one has to see us buy it. Oh, the Deceiver is rubbing his hands in glee, no doubt.

Below are a couple of articles that expound the point. 

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Jane Austen's Books Are Demeaned
Adult Trade Book Sells are Up

I can't even imagine what Jane Austen would say about this crude take on her books. All the mystery is removed. They have been cheapened. The beautifully described relationships in those classics wove amazing tales of intrigue and romance. They are now being downgraded to mere acts of lust. 

Meanwhile, our world continues to descend into the wickedness it creates for itself. 

But that doesn't mean we have to follow it there.

BUT GOD....who is rich 
in mercy, because of 
the great love 
with which He loved us, 
even when we were dead 
in our trespasses, 
made us alive together 
with Christ - 
by grace you have been saved! 

(Eph 2:4-5)