Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Revealing Persecution to Our Children: How Much Is Enough?

Finding balance in anything is important. It is the essence of life that makes it bearable, enjoyable, and doable. Unfortunately, Americans are some of the most unbalanced humans I've ever met. In all compartments of life.

Stress is consuming us because of unrealistic expectations. 
Our desires now drive us more than  our needs.

Electronic overload is deafening us from the inside out.

Balance is at stake, my friend. 
You know it is.

But today, in light of balance, let's discuss how much is too much when it comes to revealing to small children the persecutions unfortunately allotted to children in other countries or even here in our own country through abuses of sordid kinds. The article that sparked my thoughts on this subject is found in Christianity Today. Read it HERE.

As a mother of three grown daughters whom were reared mainly in third world countries, I did not have much of a choice in what they heard or saw. Life was what it was. They saw the poverty - true, bottom-of-the-barrel searing poorness. Did it affect my girls? Of course, but it also has given them an appreciation of what they have; albeit, a keener appreciation of life ITSELF. And a stronger responsibility to meet needs. Help others.

When children are conditioned to believe they are the center of the universe, they will live only for themselves.

I am disturbed by how I see young American parents raising their children today THOUGH in this fragile, quickly-changing culture, I can certainly understand why it would seem the right thing to do. 

However, will the covering of the eyes of our children today prepare them for the potential difficulties they will encounter when they become adults? 

Just pondering on these things today. YOUR THOUGHTS?