Friday, June 8, 2012

When Little Things Become Big (A WHAT IF Post)

There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but what are these for so many people? (John 6:9)

Jesus feeding the 5000 was one of my favorite Bible stories. My young mind struggled to wrap itself around the idea that Jesus could take two fish and five loaves of bread and feed so many people  - plus have food left over. I used to envision the little boy handing one of the disciples his lunch (all the while wondering if his mom was going to be upset). Then I tried hard to conjure up each detail of the miracle. The fish becoming thousands of fish. Bread becoming giant loaves that stretched across the hillside. It was mind boggling, but still I tried.

As an adult, my fascination of this story is still real. It tugs at a tender spot in my heart. As a counselor, a teacher, a mentor of many different woman of many different ages, I have often felt the strain and burden of being almost undone with unanswered needs. Praying for the compassion that drove our Savior to bless those around Him, I choose to press onward. Teaching spiritual truths and oftentimes reaching out a physical hand to give hope in someone's dark moment, I do desire to make a difference in lives around me. But I am human and I can get tired of people. (Not the people themselves, but the incessant and sometimes perplexing needs that I cannot fulfill).

Most of all, I understand the disciples' reaction to such a huge crowd in John 6. Thousands had surrounded Jesus and his disciples, all with fervent and tangible need. The disciples were undoubtedly feeling hemmed in. It was in the midst of their realization that things were quickly getting out of hand that Jesus interjected a teaching moment. He asked the disciples how they were going to feed the crowd as it was evident everyone was hungry.
 What, Jesus? You're kidding, right?

Can you just imagine the grumbling, the clicking of the tongues, the sighing, the rolling of the eyes, the hands running through the hair in perplexity? "Not even 8 months of wages could give each person a decent bite," quipped Philip. Only Andrew seemed to possess a sliver of faith - bringing to Jesus a little boy holding tightly to a small sack of fish and bread.

WHAT IF the little boy would have run away in fear? 
            Fear of being hungry? 
                         Fear of the disapproval of his mother? 
            Fear of being a part of something out of his comfort zone?

IF the little boy would have not agreed to share his lunch, the crowd would still have been fed. Jesus would have seen to that. 

IF the little boy would have run away into the crowd, Jesus was still God and would still perform a miracle to fulfill His will.


The little boy would have missed the blessing of sharing.
The little boy would have missed the blessing of believing in something much greater than himself.
The little boy would have missed witnessing a God-size miracle.
The little boy would have eaten his meager lunch and continued his mediocre existence.

But because he did not run away, he experienced the beauty of watching Jesus take something so small and turn it into something almost unfathomable. 

Because he opened his hands and gave up his small lunch, he was part of blessing thousands of people physically and spiritually.

Because he chose to give faith a chance in his own little life with his very small offering, his life was forever changed.

What little thing are you holding on to because of fear, lack of faith, pride or selfishness?
Oh, my friend, you are missing out on the BIG things that God can do with your small things.

WHAT IF you were to step out, 
let go.....
believe Him?