Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Eyes Loved By God

“You will never lock eyes with someone God doesn’t love.” 
(Henry Blackaby)

I just ran across a magnificent blog post echoing and reverberating even deeper what my post was about yesterday. Powerful love starts with how we treat those around us. I'm guilty of convincing myself that if I wave enthusiastically several times a week and occasionally take time to stand my neighbor's trash can upright for them if the wind blows it over, that's enough neighborly love. Not too close, but close enough. Right?

But I know better. I shortchange those around me by not showing them and telling them about this marvelous gift I possess: God's love and eternal life. Showing them what Jesus really looks like and letting them smell His fragrance on me takes getting closer than I might like. 

Got a minute? Hop over to Michael Reynold's blog and read what he says. But put some steel toes on your shoes before you do. 

You'll need them.

"We often condemn ourselves to solitary confinement in a prison built by our own hands.
It’s what happens when we believe the worse lie of all: that we are at the center of the universe."

Read the rest of Michael's thoughts HERE in a blog post entitled How To Live Joyfully Outside the Box.