Monday, April 16, 2012

Behind the Junk

Last night my daughter Lauren and her new husband Ben introduced me to a show called Storage Wars.

Very risky concept, but thus the rush, the fun, the heady challenge that draws in these adventure-thirsty souls. Nothing in the storage lockers can be touched by the potential bidders. They are not even allowed to take one step into the room. Only a quick assessment from the outside - looking in - is afforded them. After watching one particular show where the contents of the room looked anything but promising, it made me think. Really, from the naked eye, all you could see was junk. Trash. Worthless items. But then one of the bidders looked harder, keener, and saw something of potential value. The rest of the bidders thought this man crazy. He actually won the contents of this room with a bid of $2.50. In the locker that no one else wanted, Barry found four strange looking bottles that turned out to be very old "fly catchers" used on farms. One was vintage French. He stole the show with a profit of $2,000. All because he believed there was something valuable in that small, disheveled locker.

Isn't that how we often perceive people? Do we judge them, assess their value on that quick, cursory glance? Most of us do. We see the way someone dresses. We see tattoos. We see a different ethnicity. We see disheveled. We smell stench. We hear profanity. We hear anger. We see disorder. We perceive so much by a first look at someone.

Because of our shallowness, most of us miss the treasures hidden away in that person. 

The precious jewels inside that person's heart. 

The raw needs that may be dripping off them in a repulsive or intimidating way. 

Want to have more of the mind of God today? Want to be a blessing to others?
Ask God to help you look at a person, way past the junk seen from the outside, desiring to find the beauty of the person, the precious soul for whom Christ died. Christ has already done the redeeming.

He has paid the highest price for that person's salvation. But sometimes, it takes us looking past their junk, reaching out to them in God's love, in order for them to understand the beauty of Christ's redemption.

Isaiah 45:3 - "I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden wealth of secret places, so that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name."

(Read more about the show HERE or watch a short video about it below.)