Friday, March 30, 2012

Stay in the Light

For with You is the fountain of life;

In Your light do we see light. 

Psalms 36:9

It can get pretty dark in our world today, my friend. You know that. But today, I want to remind you simply of God's Light. It hasn't dimmed. It hasn't temporarily turned off. It hasn't moved.

This week my husband and I have been able to share with a young man from a different country of his need of God's light and salvation in his life. He is discouraged, bored, depressed, defeated. His eyes are the eyes of one without hope. So, we have done what we can to pour truth into his soul. We are praying that he will walk toward the Eternal Light and find hope.

If you are into poetry and somewhat edgy poetry, you may enjoy the poem by Brian Christian below in the video (click on the link) as animated by Michael Langan.

All of creation bends toward God's light whether we realize it or not. 

Simply Stay in the Light

There is one statement in the poem that reminds me of God and His care for the world. Though I do not know if the author meant it to infer God, I think it does. Can you find it?