Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Simple Hug: Medicine For the Heart and Body

Yesterday while driving to an appointment, I turned on the radio and heard the commentator talking about a study to possibly prove that the great desire for grabbing a candy bar or other foods outside meal times could be tamed by a simple hug. When searching the web, I found several articles that stated just that. One cites thirteen reasons for food cravings. Read it HERE.

Another article that deals with food cravings and sugar addictions says this,

Over-eating a craved food can distract you from sadness, smother your emotions, and protect your from feeling alone and lonely. But you are using food for the wrong reason. No amount of bagels, chocolate, or chips will resolve the real problem: you are likely hungry for a hug.

Also this week I came across an article that relates emotional pain to the same sensors in the brain as prompts us to feel physical pain. The researchers went even a little further to say that if a person has the genetic makeup to be sensitive to physical pain, they very well may be more sensitive to social and emotional pain.

It is an intriguing study that finds something as simple as a pain reliever could dull social or emotional pain. 

Me? I choose the hug. 

If only there were more of those for the hurting people in the world.