Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Human Hotspots

What do you think? 

A good idea or not? 

Meet Clarence - a "hotspot" from New Orleans HERE.

A search of Homeless Hotspots will reward with you varying opinions on this concept.
HERE is one from the New York Times.

Call me a skeptic, but I can see this backfiring in several ways. 

Might this cause other homeless people to try and steal the hotspot antennas? Causing a hierarchy of sorts (which is probably already there)?

Infringement on the daily realities of these homeless participants? Like giving them notoriety and a fast income - "over night" - causing them to perhaps want more intangible ways? I am not saying that homeless should not be given opportunities to make a living. Absolutely they should. But is this a healthy growth? Healthy opportunity of true economic possibilities?

Simply said, I do not believe this experiment was weighed as it should have been.