Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sexual Trafficking is Ugly, But Don't Look Away

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Though I do not always get on the bandwagon of recognizing issues just on special days, this thorn is burrowed deeply in the flesh of all humanity. IT IS EVERYWHERE. Don't be fooled. What can we do to make a difference?

One of the organizations that has captured my heart because of their work with sexual trafficking victims all over the world is WAR (Women at Risk International). I saw a presentation last fall at a missions conference in Ohio. At the end of the conference, the missionary ladies were given a Teardrop Pearl from Thailand. It is one of my most cherished pieces of jewelry.

Check out the WAR International website HERE.

Women at Risk International

Click on the video to the right to see a video
about how a jewelry store is making
a difference!

Slavery is what slavery's always been: About one person controlling another person using violence and then exploiting them economically, paying them nothing. That's what slavery's about. Kevin Bales

Passion Conference's own 268Generation is doing something radical in 2012.  Check it out HERE.

Even our own U.S. government has a website dedicated to this nuclear problem. Read HERE.

Finally, if you like Christian Fiction, here is a series devoted to portraying the effects of sexual trafficking even in North America. Kathy Macias writes a compelling New Freedom series. I have been reading the first book, Deliver Me From Evil. Rest assured, it has been a slow, methodical, painful read, but I am trying to embrace the truths, the ugliness, and ask God what that all means in my life.

Watch the book trailer
or visit Kathi Macias'
website HERE.

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