Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Virtual Reality

The virtual world is blurring the real life lines for many, especially those who already are dealing with social awkwardness, social fatigue, extreme disappointment or hurt from those around them, or extreme pressure from society, family, or job expectation. In a virtual world, you can master your own fate. It defies reality in the greatest way possible by presupposing a semi-perfect, controlled world.

Believe me, you can't live in two worlds for very long before one will consume the other. We are not fashioned for that.

Real life marriages are stunted by those who become consumed by virtual relationships. Read HERE

Below are three videos that will give you more details, more of a "feel" about the virtual world of Second Life. 

Can you see why this world could be tantalizing to someone looking to escape real life?
At the punch of a key, the flick of a wrist, you could induce a euphoric world just as you have
always imagined. And the brain - with enough convincing - can be grooved into making it seem real.

Am I the only one concerned about this?