Monday, October 31, 2011

It Matters

You leave a bit of yourself behind wherever you have been  

(Kathleen Hart)

Though the story of Jason McElwaine has just come to my attention and it is indeed awe-inspiring, it is his high school basketball coach that I want to salute today.

This coach made a huge difference in a young man's life (lived through the thick shades of autism) who was passionate about basketball & his team.  Through the fervent care and confidence that the coach bestowed upon this young man's life, it truly mattered.

If you watched the video above about Jason's invitation to play a few moments in a high school basketball game, I would have to say that the defining moment was when the coach stood up and pointed to Jason, thrusting him into the game of his life. Did anyone really know what would happen? The coach (and obviously the other players) cared more about giving Jason a chance and opportunity than anything else. And that, my friend, truly mattered.

A word fitly spoken or a life lived with conviction and meaning always matters. To someone. Somewhere. Some day.

Be encouraged and never ever give up making a difference.

Click HERE and HERE for more stories about Jason.

If interested, Jason (along with others) wrote a book about that infamous basketball game and how it truly changed his life. I have put it on my To-Read list, too.

One more thing to remember about making a difference: Most of us will never really know what forward impact our lives will have on others. The video below says it better than I ever could.