Saturday, August 13, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog For Something Called LIFE (A Parentheses)

My hubby and I are heading to Virginia for a church meeting and a book signing (In This Place, March, 2011). So, the next blog entry on prayer will have to wait a day or two. It's an amazing story of a dear friend of mine and her journey of surrender to God's will for her life. He took delight in blowing her away - above and beyond what she could ever have asked for!

Enjoy your Saturday!

 I thought these photos of unusual fences were extremely interesting!

Click Here For More Fence Pics

Nature: God's tangible, ever-changing, always the same, gift to us.

And below are some of my own amazing (well, I think so) pictures of random life!

Wrightsville Beach, NC, causeway at sunset

Wood from Israel: beautiful harp

My hubby and me at our daughter, Stef's college graduation

A lingering memory of our May beach vacay

Our little friend crab who was rescued from the jelly fish

My beautiful 2 year old granddaughter, Layna

A drive through the mountains of NC

My talented sister-in-law's creation for her dad's 80th birthday celebration