Monday, August 1, 2011

Thanks, Mary!

Today it was my intention to complete my thoughts on ant mills (Ant Circles, People Circles: What's the Difference?) and how we as humans can also get disoriented. But those intentions were temporarily interrupted by me getting caught up in my very own ant circle today. As the day got more and more complicated, I found myself going round and round, following fear instead of focus. Getting distracted with things that I cannot change instead of doing those things that I know I am to do. Only tonite, when I determined (though my flesh wanted to stay in the circle) to keep a very important meeting with a college student, did I realize that I was able to walk away from the destructive circle and follow the path meant for me. At the end of the meeting, the student was blessed and encouraged; my heart was strengthened to see God at work despite my weakness. Tomorrow, let's come back and talk about that some more. Have you been caught up in an ant circle lately?

Tonight, I wanted to point you to another author's blog whom I have come to admire - though I have never met her personally. Mary is a life changer because she has seen God change hers. She's a go-getter, impassioned by what she is learning about God and herself. And has the God-given talent to use words to share her experience in many creative ways.

Each Saturday during the summer, she has been kind enough to have a guest author on her blog. This past Saturday, I was her guest and for that I am grateful. Depending on how far back you have gone into my blog entries, you may or may not have read the story of the Purple Skirt.

Head over, meet Mary DeMuth, and read my story of the Purple Skirt!

Go to Mary DeMuth's blog here