Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prayer: God's Way of Propelling Us To Perfect Submission (Part 2)

Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above ALL that we ask or think according to the power that works in us.  
(Eph. 3:20)
I think the above verse has become way too familiar, too commonplace to excite some of us. Or there are those of us who simply like to have life served up OUR WAY - so this verse is way too scary to try out. Whatever the reason, may I ask that you meditate on this truth today? HOPE and LIFE ABUNDANT comes only from the Father above who never fails, never sleeps, never changes. Never is late, never early, always on time.


Since God had directly told me that I would not be the immediate or tangible answer to my friend, AG's prayer, I looked for other ways to help. Asking another friend who lives in the same city for churches that might have benevolent funds, I gave AG the list thinking that maybe God would use the outreach and provision of one of these church to direct her to a good home church. As good a plan as that was, God's plan was so much better!

AG's mother had been to visit her for a few days and was returning to her hometown when she heard on the radio that gold was at a record high that day. She called AG and told her this. Like I told you before, AG is tenacious, a go-getter, so she did not hesitate to scrape up what little gold jewelry she could find and headed to a local buyer. AG's text to me later said that she felt satisfied she would at least get $250.00 for her gold pieces, but when the buyer handed her a check for $2100.00, she almost lost her breath!

ABOVE & BEYOND ALL that we ask or think!!! That's our God.

But He wasn't finished. Later that day, she found $200 in quarters which she had stashed away and was also able to sell some silver coins that she had been saving. She paid her rent and was also able to get a car repair issue done. Still with money to spare.

Though she still has shingles and will need to be out of work a few more days, she is content in the lesson that God is teaching her. Asking her to summarize this experience, these are the words she wrote the day she had her car repaired:

I was so inspired today at the auto repair shop.  I met an awesome young man...20 yrs old. He has Hodgkins Lymphoma & currently has shingles! So he couldn't get chemo, which he gets every wk, and...his grandmother gets chemo every wk with him, because she has lung cancer! He was so inspiring & his attitude blew me away! How VERY blessed I am. 

When writing the blog entry make sure to include how TOTAL SUBMISSION AND HUMBLING MYSELF to God's will and His Way of taking care of me was the beginning of my true blessings in this situation. 

HIS way, His timing and His grace and love are the key. Also, my awareness to recognize it is God that is taking care of it all! 

No, God does not always answer with providing silver and gold, but He did this time! God has the whole world in His hands, the provisions, the resources, the means, the capacity, to do what He wills.


Gotta a story of hope & faith & answered prayer (whether it was what you wanted or not)? I would love to hear about it and have the opportunity to write about it on here.