Monday, June 27, 2011

Age.....Sm'age. Too old? Too young? Who says?

It has always been my intention to at least get three blog entries put on here per week. It did not happen last week. Life happened. But not blogs. You know how that goes, don't you?

Been thinking about age lately. Don't know if it had anything to do with me just celebrating another birthday or not. I am pretty much one of those that looks my age in the eye and dares it to taunt me! When I turned 40, it didn't bother me. I actually felt somewhat "mature". Somewhat. When I recently turned 50 (how recently I will not say), I just let it hit me between the eyes and then kept going. I will never feel my age, so why get all hyped up about it?

So, what about in ministry? What's the perfect age for doing great things for God? Some would say 33 years because that's what Jesus was when He died. While that is a great age, after being at least twenty years beyond that, I'm thinking that there really isn't one particular age for when God can use us. He created us all differently and has put us in unique circumstances - all of them ripe with opportunity to  represent Him gloriously to those around us. What does that look like at ages 9, 16, 33, 62, 75, or 85? It depends on us and how much we are willing to be used of God. He never limits our usefulness. In this earthly vessel, it might seem so. Our health, our family demands at a certain stage, our economical plight - these things and more may seem to restrict our usefulness in God's kingdom work. But, actually they do not. He CAN and WILL work in and through and beyond every one of those human limitations if we but step out and do what we CAN do.

In an earlier post, you can find the story of a young boy of 9 years old that gave his only marble for a missionary to take into Haiti. That story told to others precipitated the collection of thousands of marbles for the children in Haiti. It all started with the unselfish act of a young boy of 9 in a very poor area in West Virginia. Go figure.

In early May, I was made aware of a fundraising endeavor called Ghana Rock, and while I do not know the exact story of how it all got started, I do know that the Father's House International was blessed with a phenomenal gift based on the efforts of a 16 year old girl named Madi. Wanting desperately to make a difference and help save Ghanaian children from the plight of child slavery, she put together a plan to raise money. She named it Ghana Rock. Along with her mom and several of her young friends, she began to line up Christian singers and bands, volunteers, and such. After asking several Charlotte churches to serve as the venue for this unprecedented concert, she became discouraged with the rejections. Thankfully, God put her in contact with my pastor, Brian Boyles, at Northside Baptist Church. He was moved by her passion and organizational skills and felt led to partner with Madi in this fundraiser. I wish I could remember exactly what was the monetary goal Madi and her team had for Ghana Rock. Whatever it was, I believe it was more than doubled the night of the concert. Behind the scenes, Madi put together the volunteer team, the parking and ticketing agents, and was a mature and responsible point person for the entire project. Just hearing the story, I was amazed at the ability that God has given this 16 year old girl. God used her because she was being willing to set aside her age and let God be God!

One day we continue our stories about those who have done things for God - despite or because of age.