Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When God Reminds Us Of Our Prayers

Last Friday afternoon I packed the last bag into my car and headed East towards my parents' home for a long weekend. Before I pulled out of the driveway, I stopped and prayed for safety for the trip. Perhaps you do that or not. It has just been an important custom for longer than I can remember. Just a few weeks ago, a couple of my daughters went on a trip with me to visit my parents and because my mind was swimming with all the details of the trip and other things, the tradition alluded me...but not my girls. They asked that we pray before starting our trip. How awesome that made me feel that they remembered!

The first 30 minutes of the trip took me down a narrow, twisting two-lane country road where it is very likely that you will get behind slow drivers. That evening was no exception. A truck with a trailer full of assorted items fishtailed and poked along the road right in front of me. Driving behind the truck for at least 25 of the 33 mile drive on that country road must have set me back at least 5 to 10 minutes! Gasp! How could this happen? (Are you smiling? Know how I felt?) God distinctly reminded me of my prayer twice during that 25 mile creep behind that truck, so I did try to rest in His timing and His care. I even smiled as I remembered the recent blog entry I had written about God's sovereignty (Where Is God When Thing Go Awry?). There was a part of me that strongly felt I may realize the prominence of His care before the day was over.

Almost three hours later (and while I was not really thinking about the delay on Hwy. 218 earlier), I was about 20 minutes from my parents' house, when traffic suddenly slowed on Hwy 74-76 around Hallsboro. Almost a mile ahead of me was a tangled mess of smoke and metal. I asked the rescue worker (who was telling us that the eastbound lane which was the one I was traveling was indefinitely closed) what had happened. She told me with great animation that a truck had crossed the median (seemed it was on fire) and hit a couple of vehicles on our side of the highway.

A profound thought niggled at the back of my mind as I hesitantly asked the rescue worker the next question: how long ago did this accident happen? Oh, less than 10 minutes ago. Already knowing what she was going to say, I felt the shiver that brought the realization to the forefront. I profoundly felt God say to me, Kim, you prayed. I answered according to My will. My time. My way. Will you trust me?

Just today I heard a song by Kutlass that I had never heard before. Below are the lyrics and if you are so inclined, go to YouTube, find the song and listen to it. Plain and simple. HE knows our destiny. He knows our failures and our faithlessness. He is aware of our fears and our need for control. But still He compels us to give them all to Him. All of us. Our timetable. Our day. Our trips. Our kids. Our homes. Our money. Everything.

I am thankful to be reminded in such a vivid way that He hears my prayers and He does answer. Even using a slow poke truck pulling a swerving trailer down a winding country road. I want to rest in Him.


I thought I had it all under control
I thought my fate was still in my hands
All of my plans were firmly set
By the words that I say

I forgot how quickly things can change
Now my vision can not be the same

My life is not what I thought
I'm not where I planned to be
Though something's gone
There's nothing wrong with my changing world
Though something's gone
There's nothing wrong with my changing world

I need to let go of my destiny
I need to trust in things unseen
I believe in having faith
Though I yield my control

I forgot how quickly things can change
Now my vision can not be the same

I'm embracing all of my fears
I am watching them turn to delight
The very fears which were gripping my mind
Are now the hands shaping and sculpting my dreams