Thursday, February 24, 2011

Choice to Make: Happiness (Gratification) or Contentment

My husband Jeff called this morning to say that he received a call from our shipper. Our books are in the city! HOWEVER, my hubby is an hour and a half away on a job and won't be home until tomorrow afternoon. So, my excitement of finally holding a copy in my hands must be checked....and sharply!

Today is full of so many things. Our college ministry is on its upward swing that usually occurs mid-semester. There are so many things going on! God is truly working in hearts and lives. I don't want to miss a thing in that realm. Eternity matters.

Then there is a friend who recently lost her father and has just returned from burying him in another state. I need to return her house and car keys, but beyond that I am taking some lunch and will no doubt sit and talk with her a little while. Reality has set in and when that happens, someone needs to care. I choose to be one that will be there. Being present in the middle of someone's suffering is not a choice that brings "happiness" but it will birth a deep-seeded contentment and peace - knowing that we are bringing the arms of God to a person whose heart is reeling from grief and pain.

Then there is the details of my book release party, details of business permits, Tax Identification Number, and meeting with an accountant so that I can set up a business bank account. There are flyers and business cards to be created.

Then there is the reality of a very cluttered and not too clean of a house. Only three weeks into a broken foot and limping around with a black boot, I am limited on how much I can control that one.

We all have the conundrums that swirl around our heads almost in a perpetual motion! So, what do we do? It is our choice on what we do but MORE IMPORTANTLY on how we choose to react (feel) about our circumstances. Don't let someone else tell you that "they" or society or your boss or the bank or the store or whatever made you upset. We choose to hand over that control.

So, while I can hardly stand the fact that my books are setting in a warehouse only miles from where I am sitting right now, there is nothing I can do about it. I could be flustered, upset, anxious, or angry. But for what result? High blood pressure and a weak testimony to those who are following me. Doesn't sounds appealing to me. (Though I believe if unchecked my flesh would love to try it!)

I choose contentment today over happiness. Something tells me that I will be a stronger person tomorrow for that decision. God, help me with that choice because it does go against my human nature. :)